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My Story

Hey i wanted to tell y’all something and it may sound crazy but i think i was audrey hepburn in my past life because when i was 1 and a half years old i had out of place memories of being in places like Switzerland and circa i also had reoccurring dreams of my soul leaving my body like i just left my body i was pretty scared at first but i kinda got used to it. when i was older i didnt remember any of it until now i always had dreams of being an actress singer dancer and humanitarian and i became fascinated with reincarnation also when i read about barbro karlens story about her and anne frank i could kinda relate to that and it inspired me to find my past life and when i clicked on an audrey hepburn interview i felt like ive been there before and when i watched some of her movies i always feel as if i did this or i did that. i also have a fear of cancer and spiders and audrey died of cancer i also have a birthmark near my appendix and audrey died of appendix cancer and now i am convinced i am audrey hepburn and we share a uncanny resemblance and the same traits so i was audrey and yes i have memories
These are my memories dreams and hobbies to connect with my life as audrey hepburn so lets get started my first memory i have was actually i recent dream i had it was me in another country probably Vietnam i was walking with Vietnamese kids i could hear the kids talking but i couldnt make out what they were saying people were taking pictures but i paid more attention to the kids there are actually pictures on the internet when saw those pictures i was suprised because the dream i had was 80% 70% the same.

This next memory i have was a dream it was pretty recent too so i was in my family car and my sister was driving and then we passed this house the house was small and was white with a flower garden then i said “Have i been there before?” could this be a memory from audreys life? also i dreamt of a pool there was a picture of audrey in a pool so i wasnt so suprised.

I also had urges of going to africa and then i found out that audrey had traveled to africa not once but twice and i could recall memories from there as well. i also had dreams about me in a house dying of an illness my soul leaving my body this was from when i was 2 3 or 4.

I was always attracted to the golden ages as a toddler and child i would watch things like the wizard of oz and audrey hepburns movies and this is gonna sound funny but when i was a kid i used to think i was really famous like im not even gonna lie my family even said i was weird coz i would reenact things from my favorite tv shows and commercials i would also dance all the time like audrey she was great actress and a great dancer i also realized that were a month apart her birthday is may 4 mine is june 9.

i would also have out of nowhere pains i can connect to my life as audrey plus one time when i was in junior high we were doing an essay and out of nowhere my back started to get irritating and started to hurt and audrey was broke her back by falling off a horse my stomach would also hurt too and i saw i was born with two moles on my stomach and audrey had two or more miscarriges.

And recently i was watching a audrey hepburn documentary and when they metioned her last love robert wolders he caught my eye i couldnt stop staring at him and reconized him as a soulmate. i am now VERY VERY certain i was audrey and we have an uncanny resemblance i also did a past life regression

so i did a regression therapy because everyone has been telling me to do it so i did it and umm I WAS RIGHT im audrey hepburn lemme tell you what i saw so the first thing i saw was me i was 5 or 6 it was the 1930s and i was walking in a little town with this man i assumed was my dad and my mom took a picture and there was a picture i saw…
The next one it was world war 2 i was in a dance studio and i was dancing for people who didnt clap i didnt really think much of it. the next memory was yes the horse incident i was riding a horse while pregnant and i fell off and broke my back.

The last memory was something i used to dream ALOT as a toddler i was in a house in my bed in peace and i had appendix cancer and i gracefully left that was it. now i am EXTREMLY convinced i was audrey like i knew it so you guys can stop asking me to do a regression cuz i did it and i am very happy too. 🙂